Eco-friendly candles for a happier world.

Moody Haus x ECHO - Repose

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“Love this candle! I burn it whenever I'm in a good mood. And subsequently whenever I'm in a bad mood, I light it, and it clears my mind instantly.”  - LAURIE

“Oh my. I just purchased three candles. I love love amber candles but had to get more once I saw they’re working on mental health stuff.”  - ROBYN

“This candle was wrapped very well!! I appreciate the eco-friendly packing material. Thank you! The scent is amazing!”  - WENDY

Real ingredients for real change.

Moody takes the sustainability and production of our products seriously. We don't mess around when it comes to our waxes, our scents, our containers, our shipping materials, and our mission. Moody is dedicated to sourcing the highest quality wax, organic formulas & scents, sustainable production, and eco-friendly logistics, all while giving back to resources that aid in positive mental health efforts in America.

10% Of Each Sale Donated To Mental Health

Motivated by the rising increase in mental health issues, we set off to create products to help embrace, relieve, or refocus your mood while driving efforts towards mental health resources. Moody is committed to continuing the conversation on mental illness and mental health.

We advocate for mental health by supporting local and national organizations that raise awareness, fund scientific research, and provide resources to those who are impacted by mental illness.

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